In 1992, I was neck-deep in listening to R.E.M. and following the interests of lead singer Michael Stipe.  One of his burgeoning hobbies, photography, piqued my interest.  I’d always had a photographic memory, albeit a poor one, so photography allowed me to capture the nuances of scenes and places that I might have otherwise forgotten.

After a serendipitous purchase of some well-used camera gear from one of my co-workers, I dove into photography, and was on my way to documenting the often forgotten, or simply overlooked, scenes that comprise day-to-day life.

Today, I’ve moved beyond the well-worn film camera I purchased in 1992 and into the digital realm, even occasionally calling upon my iPhone to photograph the world around me.

My work has been on display in several venues throughout Atlanta, including Mason Murer Fine Art, One Twelve Gallery, and the central atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as part of Atlanta Photography Group’s “Airport Show.”  I was also selected to participate in Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s 2011 Portfolio Review, where I met with reviewers from around the world.


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