Abandoned School – Part 2

I’ve just uploaded another batch of photos from my recent trip to an abandoned school in Atlanta, and I’m really thrilled with how they’re turning out!  Below are my two favorites from this batch, and some of my favorites so far from this trip.

The photo below was the result of three exposures — 1/160, 1/40, and 1/10 sec at f/5.6 — all shot at ISO 400, 35mm focal length, then processed using Nik HDR Efex Pro and a custom preset.  I was also using a feature of my tripod (Manfrotto 190CX3) that I hadn’t used before where the center column can be turned horizontal for shooting from straight above the subject.  I guess it worked!

I just love the tones in this picture!

For the second photo, I took nine exposures, but I only used four — 1/125, 1/30, 1/8, and 0.5 sec at f/16 — shot at ISO 400, 17mm focal length, again processed using Nik HDR Efex Pro.  This image just popped so much by default that I did very little to it after creating the HDR image.

Again, I love the tones, as well as the reflection of the windows in the glass and the way the white graffiti pops off the wood panel.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these as well as the other photos from the set on Flickr.  Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Abandoned School – Part 2

    • Thanks! Glad you like them! I knew when I was shooting that one that it was going to be one of my favorites. Hopefully I still have some good ones in the can. Can’t wait to finish processing them.

  1. Gail, I love the oranges in the 2nd shot from this post; your eye for HDR processing is wonderful. It’s just enough and not so much that we’re left wondering why the pictures are “glowing”. This looks like it was a fun shoot overall; wish I could have been there!

    • Thanks, Catherine! I find that the more I shoot and process HDR, the more I try to tone it down. My ideal would be for people to not be able to tell whether or not I’ve even used it. I’m getting closer, but not quite there. 🙂 It was a cool place! If you’re interested in that kind of stuff and willing to drive into ATL, I can let you know next time we do that kind of trip.

      • I would only have GUESSED that you did the school shots in HDR if you hadn’t explained which exposures you’d used. Like I said, great job. The over-the-top processing just looks bizarre to me (and not in a good way)! 🙂

        I’d love to be kept abreast of future trips! Did you do this with a group (like Women in Focus) or just with friends? As a single mom to two little ones, it’s hard for me to get away last-minute, but sometimes I can pull it off! 😛

      • I’m with you on HDR. I think it quickly looks overdone. Glad you don’t think mine set off those same alarms. 🙂

        This trip was with a friend who does urban exploring on a fairly regular basis. It was my first time. Next time we plan something, I’ll let you know and hopefully you can make it!

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