The Goat Farm – Part 2, The Coffee Shop

The grounds of the Goat Farm in Atlanta were wonderful to photograph last weekend, especially for a photographer like me who loves to produce HDR images with rusty, textured materials. However, I keep finding myself returning to the shots I took in the little coffee shop within the complex. To me, this coffee shot exemplifies, more than anything, the bohemian nature of the complex.

the coffee shop

When you first walk in, it feels more like the well-worn living room of an old, eccentric friend rather than a coffee shop. The room is dotted with vintage cameras, typewriters, and other accessories that were considered “modern” in some former life. There’s an eclectic mix of furnishings from a variety of periods, with large, worn tables and chairs inviting you to sit and contemplate the state of things. Drinks are available on a “donation” basis, which is probably a good thing because the coffee is probably the least rewarding thing in the room (and almost certainly not worth officially paying for).

The most rewarding thing in the room, by far, is the library on the far wall. It’s a community collection of all things literary and political. It doesn’t look forced, but rather an organic collection that’s matured over time. I’m not sure a well-seasoned interior designer could create this authentic of a look on command.

The Library

The funny thing is that I’m not a reader, yet I was immediately drawn to this feature in the room. When I say I’m not a reader, I mean that while I love books, and the thought of books, I rarely read them. I like to be surrounded by them, but more because I like how they look. I guess that would be the photographer in me coming out. As a photographer, I’m definitely drawn to structure, and there are few things more structured and colorful than a library full of books.

I’m supposed to go back to the Goat Farm next weekend for another shoot, and I’m still contemplating whether or not I’m going to do it. I’m sure there are more exterior shots that I can take, and maybe it would be a good challenge for me to try to capture the exterior with a fixed focal length lens or without doing HDR, but if I do go, I suspect I’ll spend most of the time in the coffee shop really trying to find the essence of what I love about that space.

For more of my photos of the Goat Farm, check out the set on my Flickr site.


4 thoughts on “The Goat Farm – Part 2, The Coffee Shop

  1. Beautiful shot of the coffee shop with the typewriter, camera and chair in the foreground and the books behind. Lots of nice layering which creates wonderful interest. I would love to see the people in the coffee shop along with the great ambience you have created. Perhaps if you return you will find some folks lingering and feel compelled to include them in your shot. What fun.

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